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Virgin of the Poor


Paju Rehabilitation Center

Paju Rehabilitation Center becomes operational on November 16, 2001. The brothers give physical and spiritual training to the rehabilitated alcoholics and the mentally disturbed to prepare them to be productive and self-reliant when they go back to the society. Also together with the social welfare specialists they are apply modern methods to rehabilitate those who once have lived on the street. Training includes group therapy, humanistic education, and social skills and social adjustment training. Five men per month in average from this center return to the society and that number of men from Eunpyongmaul fill up the vacancy.


EUNPYONGMAUL (Village of Peace and Grace)

Eunpyongmaul (Village of Peace and Grace)

Eunpyongmaul (Village of Peace and Grace) has the capacity of 2,000 mentally and physically handicapped homeless men. The brothers give full-time service; that is, 24 hours – bathing, feeding, working with them and teaching them skills and spiritual values.



Mukdang Retreat House

Mukdang means a place to hear God's sound - The people come and make their retreat and spend their time in deep prayer and meditation. The Brothers of Christ community headed by Rev. Fr. Joseph Kim BC, who is the general superior of the Brothers of Christ, conducts and organizes the activities and gives spiritual guidance.

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